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Buy Sativa Strains Online Canada

Sativa strains come from areas located in Central and South America. Originating from primarily hot and dry climates with long sunny days, sativa plants are tall and thin with slender leaves. Some can grow at least 20 feet tall! Out of all the strain types, sativa has been known to mature the slowest, but they do have longer flowering cycles. They tend to have higher amounts of THC than CBD, providing users with more of an uplifting and energizing cerebral effect. Hence, it’s the preferred strain for daytime use, and you can buy sativa flowers online Canada-wide, including our online dispensary, Fraser Valley Buds.

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Best Sativa Strains

Here’s a list of the finest sativa strains from the best selection of top growers, all renowned for their potent effects, flavours and aromas.

  • Jack Herer Jack Herer has won about 9 Cannabis Cup awards. This award-winning strain is known for its energy-boosting, euphoric and focused effects. This strain is heavily dusted with trichomes and emits spicy, citrusy and pine aromas.
  • Tangie A strain created from a mix of California Orange and Skunk 1. This strain quickly gained popularity for its refreshing and sweet tropical tangerine flavours. Tangie is excellent for stimulating the appetite, giving users energetic and uplifting effects.
  • Green Crack Green Crack has green, yellow buds with orange-coloured pistils and a heavy coating of trichomes. The initial smoke tastes citrusy and fruity, followed by a blend of earthy, woody notes. It provides creative, energetic and spacy effects.

Positive Effects of Sativa Flower

Sativa flowers are known for their many positive effects, including:

  • Increasing motivation when you need a pick me up on those busy days.
  • Enhancing creativity that’s perfect for tasks that require thinking out of the box.
  • Promoting focus for when you need something important to be done.
  • Boosting your mood on the days you feel down.

Sativa Flower at Fraser Valley Buds

If you can buy sativa flowers online Canada-wide, why not shop at the best? Fraser Valley Buds offers quality products from only the best selection of top growers. Please place an order online and have it same day delivered straight to your home. If you’re new to Fraser Valley Buds, call or chat with one of our agents. We have the fastest responding team that’ll be able to provide you with new product releases, product recommendations, exclusive offers and more! Fraser Valley Buds ca can’t be beat when it comes to service, quality, product selection and value.