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Cannabis Concentrates

Sugar Wax (Jungle Ridge)

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Cannabis Concentrates

Sugar Wax (Lucky Extracts) – 10g

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Cannabis Concentrates

Sugar Wax (Lucky Extracts) – 2g

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Cannabis Concentrates

Budder (Seven Star)


Buy Cannabis Wax & Budder Online In Canada 

Budder is a cannabinoid-rich cannabis concentrate that’s well known for its potency and its golden-yellow cream colour that looks just like butter. It’s one of the purest forms of concentrates available! During the creation process, cannabis budder is thoroughly whipped to create a creamier texture. The wax-like texture simplifies dabbing and vaping plus it can even be melted. Budder has a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids and is renowned for retaining the most cannabis terpenes. It produces a more nuanced flavour, and scent compared to other forms of concentrates. A little goes a long way when it comes to budder as the typical cannabis budder can have up to 80% of THC. Budder is definitely one of the most beloved concentrates for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

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Benefits of Cannabis Wax & Budder

Besides the potent effects of budder, it also offers many other benefits. 

  • High Terpene Content – Due to its extraction process, budder retains an abundance of the cannabis plant’s terpenes. This gives it a more pleasant aroma along with flavourful tastes and many other health benefits.    
  • Malleable Texture – It’s butter-like consistency makes it easier to scoop out for vaping and dabbing. Therefore, making it easier to measure out a more accurate dose. 
  • Versatile Use – Budder can be dabbed, vaped, added to your joints and blunts and even eaten. The options are endless when it comes to budder.

How to Use Cannabis Wax & Budder

As it was mentioned previously, budder is versatile and can be used in many ways. This includes using it to make edibles, vaping and smoking. However, the most popular method is through dabbing.

  • Buy Budder Online Canada – Find a budder weed dispensary and choose the best option for you. Budder is created from a variety of strains and range in THC or CBD content.
  • Prep Your Tools & Portion – Get your dab ready and scoop out the desired portion you’d like to smoke.  
  • Apply Heat – Use a torch lighter to heat the nail of your dab rig. Make sure it’s hot and ready!
  • Add Your Budder – After waiting a few seconds for your dab to cool down slightly, apply your budder. Once you’re ready, apply the dab nail and rotate the tool as you slowly begin to inhale and draw out smoke.
  • Inhale & Enjoy When you’ve gathered enough smoke in the rig, inhale as much of the smoke as you can, sit back and enjoy the ride.

If dabbing isn’t for you, feel free to break it up and add some to your joints or blunts. Or use it to make potent edibles. You can’t go wrong when it comes to budder.

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