Mother Trucking Tea Company


Each box contains a variety of 3 teas (5 pack total)

Enjoy hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened, whatever your preference!

BOX 1: SUMMER FLING (100mg CBD Total)

2 x Mango Green Tea 20mg CBD – Green tea with a light flavourful blend.
2 x Berry Bliss 20mg CBD – A delicate white tea, with a sweet fruity flavour, leaving you
with a refreshing feeling.
1 x Tropical Breeze 20mg CBD – A light and refreshing organic tea blend that packs a
punch of tropical fruit and natural fruit flavours.

BOX 2:
MATÉ TRIO (210mg CBD Total)

2 x Morning Glory Maté 50mg CBD- Full of antioxidants, this organic Maté blend has a
powerful earthy flavour to boost your energy.
2 x Kick Of Chai Maté 40mg CBD – A freshly roasted blend, with a strong chai flavour to
give an extra kick of energy.
2 x Fuzzy Navel Maté 30mg CBD – A refreshing, fruity flavour of peach with all the
benefits of Maté.

BOX 3:
 DETOXIFY (250mg CBD Total)

2 x Lullaby 50mg CBD – A comforting and calming organic tea to promote rest and
2 x Queasy 50mg CBD – A refreshing organic tea blend targeted to provide relief and
relaxation during uncomfortable days.
1 x Balance 50g CBD – Unwind and calm nerves with a powerful blend to relieve stress.

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Mother Trucking Tea Company – Summer Fling

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