The ACDC cannabis strain is a high-CBD hybrid popular for raw juicing and dietary cannabis. This flower is beloved for anxiety and nervous conditions.

ACDC is an extremely therapeutic strain that won’t get you high. A great choice for cannabis juicing, this strain is often used as a dietary supplement. When you smoke or vaporize ACDC, expect some top-notch anxiety relief. With up to 20% CBD, this flower is easygoing and relaxing without any psychoactive raciness. This fact makes this non-intoxicating hybrid a great choice for patients with severe conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

This flower is a popular choice among those who juice cannabis rather than smoke or cook with the herb. In fact, cannabis physician and activist Dr. William Courtney coined the term “Alternative Cannabinoid Dietary Cannabis” in reference to this plant. This strain has medical benefits both when heated and used raw.


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